Consulting services

We advise victims of right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence as well as their relatives and witnesses in Saxony.

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Our locations

You can reach us in person, by e-mail or telephone at our locations.

How we help you

"Support" works in a partisan, outreach, free and confidential manner.

We help you to cope with the consequences of an attack and to exercise your rights. We provide guidance and develop individual solutions together. Our work helps those affected to increase their own sense of security, experience self-efficacy, regain control over their own lives and promote solidarity processes. We provide information about the situation of those affected, draw attention to their perspective in society and politics and report on the extent, consequences and effects of right-wing motivated, racist and anti-Semitic violence.

We provide advice, support and assistance after attacks due to

  • racism
  • anti-Semitism
  • sexual orientation/gender identity
  • disability
  • social disadvantage
  • political commitment
  • non-right-wing attitude or alternative appearance.

We support you on the following topics:

  • Filing charges
  • Exercising your legal options, such as accessory prosecution and victim protection
  • Contact with the police, lawyers, authorities and doctors
  • Court hearing
  • Organization of financial support
  • Emotional processing and coping with the consequences of the attack
  • regaining a sense of security and control over one's own life
  • Improving the living situation and organizing solidarity
  • possible public relations work
  • Joint development of solutions