Counseling Services for Victims of Hate Crimes

We provide counseling service and assistance for:

  • those who have experienced right-wing extremist and racist violence (Hate Crimes)

  • family and friends of victims, as well as any witnesses to the incident

The staff of our Victim Support Center "Support" offer services including:

  • Providing information about your legal rights and options such as filing a criminal complaint, accessory prosecutor and victim protection

  • Accompanying you to the police, lawyers, government agencies, and doctors

  • Supporting you through the process of preparing for court and accompanying you to the trial

  • Providing guidance on financial assistance and compensation, as well as the relevant applications (e.g. claims for compensation, relocation services, and legal fees)

  • Offering counseling support and referrals to therapists

  • Assistance with the improvement of victims’ living conditions and security, which can include help with changing residence locations as well as assistance with legal residency (immigration status) issues

  • Support with public relations in order to highlight the problem of right-wing violence and hate crimes

Our Service is:

  • Unequivocally on the side of the victim - we stand on the side of those who have experienced right-wing violence and hate crimes, and we support their interests and perspectives

  • Client-oriented – our advice is focused on the wishes and needs of those affected by hate crime and is not dependent upon the filing of a police report

  • Mobile – consultations can take place at your home

  • Confidential – we maintain the confidentiality of the services provided to our clients. In addition, anonymous advice can be provided

  • Multilingual – if desired, an interpreter can be provided

  • Free of charge

Our oranization monitors right-wing extremist and racist violence (hate crimes). Let us know if you hear of an incident.

The victim counseling service "Support" is a project of the RAA Saxony e.V.

Contact our counseling centers:

Support Chemnitz und Plauen

Henriettenstraße 5, 09112 Chemnitz
Außenstelle Plauen: Äußere Reichenbacher Straße 3, 08529 Plauen
Tel: (0371) 4 81 94 51
Fax: (0371) 4 81 94 52
Mobil: (0172) 9 74 36 74
E-Mail: opferberatung.chemnitz@raa-sachsen.de
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Supports the following region: Stadt Chemnitz, Vogtlandkreis, Erzgebirgskreis, Landkreis Zwickau, Mittelsachsen

Support Leipzig

Kochstraße 14, 04275 Leipzig
Tel: (0341) 2 25 49 57
Fax: (0341) 2 25 49 56
Mobil: (0178) 5 16 29 37
E-Mail: opferberatung.leipzig@raa-sachsen.de
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Supports the following region: Stadt Leipzig, Landkreis Leipzig, Nordsachsen

Support Dresden

From the 22nd of December 2021 to the 2nd of January 2022 we are not going to be available. We will get back to you from the 3rd of January. Please feel free to send us an email. In emergencies, please contact the crisis services or the helpline number at 0351 850 75 222.

Bautzner Straße 45, 01099 Dresden
Tel: (0351) 88 9 41 74
Fax: (0351) 8 89 41 93
Mobil: 0172 9 74 12 68
E-Mail: opferberatung.dresden@raa-sachsen.de
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Consultation hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10:00 - 16:00 o´clock

Supports the following region: Stadt Dresden, Landkreise Sächsische Schweiz/Osterzgebirge, Meißen

Support Görlitz

Augustastraße 35, 02826 Görlitz
Tel: 03581 6845696
Mobil: 0174 3305678
E-Mail: opferberatung.goerlitz@raa-sachsen.de

Supports the following region: Landkreise Görlitz und Bautzen

Support Onlineberatung

Via mail or chat you can contact us fast and easy online.

  • From everywhere in Saxony

  • short-term counseling within the next two counseling days

  • secure, anonymous, at no charge

Please click Onlineberatung, there you can choose user name and password - offers can be used immediately.

Tel: (0351)85075234
Mobil: (0174) 3275678
E-Mail: onlineberatung@raa-sachsen.de
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Supports the following region: Saxony