Counseling Services for Victims of Hate Crimes

We provide counseling service and assistance for:

  • those who have experienced right-wing extremist and racist violence (Hate Crimes)

  • family and friends of victims, as well as any witnesses to the incident

The staff of our Victim Support Center "Support" offer services including:

  • Providing information about your legal rights and options such as filing a criminal complaint, accessory prosecutor and victim protection

  • Accompanying you to the police, lawyers, government agencies, and doctors

  • Supporting you through the process of preparing for court and accompanying you to the trial

  • Providing guidance on financial assistance and compensation, as well as the relevant applications (e.g. claims for compensation, relocation services, and legal fees)

  • Offering counseling support and referrals to therapists

  • Assistance with the improvement of victims’ living conditions and security, which can include help with changing residence locations as well as assistance with legal residency (immigration status) issues

  • Support with public relations in order to highlight the problem of right-wing violence and hate crimes

Our Service is:

  • Unequivocally on the side of the victim - we stand on the side of those who have experienced right-wing violence and hate crimes, and we support their interests and perspectives

  • Client-oriented – our advice is focused on the wishes and needs of those affected by hate crime and is not dependent upon the filing of a police report

  • Mobile – consultations can take place at your home

  • Confidential – we maintain the confidentiality of the services provided to our clients. In addition, anonymous advice can be provided

  • Multilingual – if desired, an interpreter can be provided

  • Free of charge

Our oranization monitors:

  • Right-wing extremist and racist violence (hate crimes). Let us know if you hear of an incident.

The victim counseling service "Support" is a project of the RAA Saxony e.V.