Guidelines und Supportstandards for Victims of Hate Crime

Informations about the international project "Guidelines und Supportstandards for Victims of Hate Crime"

Hate Crime Victim Support in Europe – A Practical Guide

Release Statement “Hate Crime Victim Support in Europe – A Practical Guide”

The German civil society organisation RAA Saxony and their project "Guidelines and Support Standards for Victims of Hate Crimes", gathered together specialist victim support providers from across Europe to share knowledge about good practice. In 2015 RAA Saxony invited 23 independent civil society Hate Crime Victim Support organisations from 18 European OSCE-countries, along with several academics, to two symposia in Berlin to share their knowledge and expertise. The goal was to combine and share practitioner understanding about supporting and counselling victims of hate crime.

The short book, Hate Crime Victim Support in Europe – A Practical Guide, presents the knowledge gathered and provides useful practical case study illustrations of supporting hate crime victims. This comprehensive guide shares the deep experience and knowledge of hate crime victim support providers with a broader audience. It also provides practitioners, criminal justice professionals, civil servants, policy-makers and politicians a comprehensive approach about how to fulfill EU Directive 2012/29/EU on establishing minimum standards on rights, support and protection of victims of crime and the OSCE decision No. 9/09 on Combating Hate Crimes.

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Statement on our first Workshop on Guidelines and Support Standards for victims of Hate Crime in Europe, 11.-13.03.2015

In our first Workshop we reflected on different approaches and best practices in order to improve support for Hate Crime victims and to combat hate crimes in Europe

Berlin 17 March 2015: thirty-one Hate crime community workers as well as academics from 17 European countries (including Russia and Ukraine) convened in Berlin for the first out of two three-day workshop on “Guidelines and Support Standards for Victims of hate Crime in Europe”.

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Hate Crimes in Europe – Raise awareness, support the victims!

Bias motivated crimes, or Hate Crimes, are a widespread problem in Europe. Thousands of people are intimidated, injured or even killed in Europe every year because of the racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic etc. attitudes of the offenders. In 2012 alone, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) counted more than 56.000 Hate Crimes in Europe.

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Hate Crimes in Europa – Die Betroffenen unterstützen und stärken!

Rechte, rassistische und antisemitische Gewalt bzw. Hate Crimes sind eine Gefahr für das friedliche Zusammenleben aller Menschen in Europa. Jedes Jahr werden in den Staaten Europas tausende Menschen aus rassistischen, antisemitischen, homophoben oder sozialdarwinistischen Motiven eingeschüchtert und verletzt, viele sogar getötet. Allein für das Jahr 2012 zählte das Büro für Menschenrechte der OSZE mehr als 56.000 Hate Crimes in Europa.

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Call for Participation: Guidelines and Supportstandards for Victims of Hate Crime

Call for ParticipationBias/Hate Crime is a widespread problem in Europe especially – but not only – for people who are affected. After experiencing a bias motivated violation, special support and advice is often necessary. Yet, there are no common standards or guidelines on an European level on how to advise and support victims of hate crime as best as possible. It is time to change that! Therefore, we invite advisory offices for victims of Hate Crime in Europe to participate in the project „Guidelines and Supportstandards for Victims of Hate Crime“ and to bring their expert knowledge.

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Internationales Vernetzungsprojekt der RAA Opferberatung gestartet

Europäische Beratungsstellen erarbeiten gemeinsame Richtlinien für die Beratung und Unterstützung von Hate Crime-Betroffenen.

Im Oktober 2014 ist das Projekt „Guidelines und Support Standards for Victims of Hate Crime“ der Opferberatung gestartet. Ziel ist es Beratungsstellen für Betroffene von rechter, rassistischer Gewalt bzw. Hate Crime aus ganz Europa zu vernetzen und über gemeinsame Standards und notwendige Rahmenbedingungen für eine optimale Beratung und Unterstützung der Betroffenen zu diskutieren. Die RAA richtet dafür zwei internationale Workshops aus.

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